August 1, 2012

9 Fast Facts on Rhinoplasty Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a procedure that reshapes the nose for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes. It can alter the shape, size, and contour of the nose, resulting in better facial balance. It can also correct breathing problems.

Before choosing to have a nose job, it is best to learn more about the procedure. Here are 9 quick facts on rhinoplasty that you need to know.

1.) The surgery has several variations. Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of the procedure where the nose is narrowed a bit or altered based on patient’s ethnic background and aesthetic goals.
2.) Breathing problems can be corrected by a deviated septum rhinoplasty otherwise known as septoplasty.
3.) Closed rhinoplasty is a technique in performing a nose job where reconstruction is done from within the cavity of the nostrils.
4.) Incisions in an open rhinoplasty are made along the soft tissue between the nostrils or the columnella.
5.) There are instances when insurance will cover the surgery. Structural nose problems that lead to difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, and facial pain may be covered by insurance.
6.) The procedure is recommended for individuals that have already completed facial growth.
7.) When a nose job does not meet expectations, a revision rhinoplasty may be performed.
8.) There is no such thing as an ideal nose. The goal of the procedure is to improve the appearance of the nose so that it complements other facial features.
9.) A number of financing plans are available to make your procedure become an affordable reality.

A nose job is a straightforward procedure that can bring rewarding results. It can boost self-confidence and self-esteem significantly. If you have poor body image caused by dissatisfaction with your nose, consult Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery with locations in  Columbus: Easton Town Center and Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Lead board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Timothy Treece, Dr. Susan Vasko, Dr. Robert Heck, and Dr. John Wakelin are happy to discuss with you your goals and expectations. With their training and experience in plastic surgery, you can expect only the best care and best result possible. Set up an appointment today and have a better nose while maintaining your own identity.

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