October 22, 2013

Arm Lifts Skyrocket in Columbus, Ohio

In the last decade, a cosmetic procedure known as an arm lift has increased by over 4000%. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a study with these staggering statistics earlier this year. With so many people opting to get an arm lift, you may be wondering just what the procedure is, and why it might be beneficial to you.

What is an arm lift? An arm lift procedure involves removing the excess skin from the arms, a process often called brachioplasty. An arm lift is frequently accompanied by liposuction to further reduce fatty deposits in the arms.

What are the benefits of an arm lift? An arm lift procedure will re-shape your arms and give you a more pleasing contour.  Think about it: your arms are the part of your body that most people will see naked, particularly during the summer months. If you are one of many people who are unhappy with the shape of your arms, you may benefit from an arm lift. Even after weight loss and exercise, stubborn fatty deposits can remain on the arms. An arm lift may be the only way get rid of the excess skin and fat. Many people are inspired by the arms of celebrities and role models such as Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston and want to have toned, shapely arms like they do.

You are not the only person who is dissatisfied with the contour of your arms. According to the ASPS study, thousands of women have decided to do something about the shape of their arms. If you think that you may benefit from having an arm lift procedure, then contact Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. Our staff is here to help you and answer questions about the procedure. Call today to set up a consultation and be on your way to having the arms that you have always desired!

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