May 29, 2012

Athletes and Cosmetic Procedures: Memorial Golf Tournament

With the upcoming Memorial Golf Tournament, Columbus residents will again be face-to-face with famous athletes, able to see the professionally trained and sculpted up-close and in person.

One usually assumes that professional athletes get their picture-perfect faces and bodies solely through hard work and consistent effort. But consider this: many athletes (and golfers in particular) spend hours upon hours in the sun. How to account for that when the flashbulbs go off?

Whether they take preventive measures by utilizing the latest skin care products & treatments , professional grade sunscreens, or seek laser treatments, injectables or other means to combat the effects of exposure to the elements, many may rely on something besides their genetic makeup.

Additionally, many athletes sometimes turn to procedures such as liposuction to help them sculpt their abs or remove stubborn, genetic areas of fat.  Not discounting anyone’s natural beauty, it is good to know that these larger-than-life figures face many of the same issues we all face.

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