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What is a smartlipo procedure?

The key to Smartlipo is the use of laser technology to destroy fat cells. By using a special laser-tipped surgical instrument, our plastic surgeons can target fat and cause less trauma in surrounding blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. Most patients need only local anesthesia in the treatment area, avoiding the aftereffects that can occur with general anesthesia.

Why consider smartlipo?

Hundreds of women and men have chosen liposuction at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery to make a big difference in their body shape. But what if you have smaller pockets of fat, and you’ve been searching for a less-invasive cosmetic procedure? Well, you’re in luck – we are pleased to offer Smartlipo™ for our Ohio plastic surgery patients. What makes Smartlipo such a smart choice? For starters, this procedure eliminates areas of fat almost anywhere on the body, and is perfect for subtly shaping your hips, belly, or the area under your chin.

What should I expect from the Columbus smartlipo procedure?

Another benefit is tightened skin and improved skin tone that can occur because Smartlipo encourages new collagen production. The procedure takes about an hour, with additional time needed for larger areas or larger volume fat removal. If you are considering liposuction in Columbus, Ohio, it’s worth considering Smartlipo.

In addition to laser liposuction, we also offer VASER LipoSelection®, which relies on ultrasound technology to achieve remarkable body slimming results. To learn more about all the lipo procedures we perform and find out which ones our doctors recommend for your needs, you can make an appointment at one of our two convenient locations.

SmartLipo Columbus

What about recovery?

You can enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery with bruising and swelling that only lasts a few days for most patients.

Get smart about slimming your look. If you have any questions about Financing your SmartLipo procedure, please visit our financing page. Call Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery for an appointment today at 614-246-6900 or request a consultation.

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