What is a breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is performed after the breast has been removed or distorted due to breast cancer treatment or other disease. Today’s new surgical techniques give plastic surgeons the tools to create a breast that closely looks and feels like a natural breast.

Why consider a breast reconstruction procedure?

With the rising awareness of these modern advances, more breast cancer patients are opting for reconstruction. The procedure has no known effect on the recurrence of cancer.

What should I expect from the Columbus breast reconstruction procedure?

Breast reconstruction can often be performed at the same time as a mastectomy or at any time after mastectomy. If your oncologist should find a new tumor during your regular follow-up visits, your reconstruction should not interfere with either chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Breast reconstruction in the Columbus area is usually performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. There are many different techniques that are used for breast reconstruction, including tissue expanders, implants, and flaps (your own tissue). During your consultation at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, your physician will evaluate your individual characteristics and ask about your goals; then you’ll design your ideal procedure together.

Sometimes procedures are performed on the remaining breast after a mastectomy on the other side. Your surgeon may recommend breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation in Columbus to help achieve symmetry with a reconstructed breast. Your nipple and areola (dark skin around the nipple) can also be rebuilt after they are removed via a mastectomy

If you have any questions about Financing your Breast Reconstruction procedure, please visit our financing page. Your award winning plastic surgeon at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery will discuss which option might be best for you. Call 614.246.6900 or request a consultation online.

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