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July 25, 2012

Breast Reduction Columbus: A Life-Changing Experience

The choice to have breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is not solely for cosmetic purposes. In fact, it is usually called an “emotional” experience. Having big breasts is not always something to look forward to. Overly sized breasts that are too big for one’s frame can not only be unsightly, but can also cause different physical problems such as discomfort and inability to do tasks and have an active lifestyle. While some women have found ways to cope with these physical symptoms, the emotional turmoil that huge breasts bring is often too hard for them to face.

Shoulder, neck, and back pain are common amongst women with huge breasts. Before breast reduction, a lot of women endured many years of physical pain including rashes and irritation. It has also triggered feelings of insecurity and even embarrassment.

Oversized breasts may be inherited, related to age, excessive weight gain, or hormonal changes. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to obtain help right away. Breast reduction surgery can provide relief to both physical and emotional symptoms. There is no longer a need to spend years tolerating pain when a simple reduction mammaplasty can prove to be the big difference.

Although society looks at big breasts to be desirable and sexy, the proverb “the bigger the better” does not hold true at all times. The decision to have a breast reduction can certainly improve quality of life. Unfair judgment and social unacceptance can be addressed by a reduction mammaplasty. Unwanted attention will be gone. Physical pain and discomfort will no longer be present. Overall appearance will improve. The ability to play in competitive sport and have an active lifestyle are just a step away when a woman reduces breast size through surgery.

Breast reduction is a life-changing surgical procedure that can transform emotional and physical struggles to a positive mindset and a happier life. Most women who undergo reduction mammaplasty are very happy with the results. If you are frustrated with the size of your breasts, consult any of the board-certified plastic surgeons from Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. With locations in Easton Town Center and Upper Arlington, the board-certified plastic surgeons in Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery can help you transform your life while you enjoy a comfortable and proportionate body shape.

Set up an appointment today and learn more about the physical and emotional benefits of breast reduction.

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