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June 21, 2011

Columbus Breast Reconstruction

There is no way to prepare yourself for the loss of one or both breasts due to cancer or other illness or trauma. When a piece of your womanhood, of your body is taken from you, it is only natural to grieve and the healing process, both physically and emotionally follows no set time line, but is unique to each patient. There are many different options available for women today following the removal of one or both breasts, and while no one answer is best for all, for some women, a Reconstructive Breast Surgery may be the right option.

Our talented, board certified Plastic Surgeons work personally with each patient, discussing the pros and cons and how they specifically apply to each individual patient’s needs, goals and desires to create the best plan for them. When considering a Breast Reconstructive Surgery, there are three different kinds of reconstructive procedures available to you. These options often include: an implant based reconstruction, a Latissimus flap reconstruction, and a TRAM flap reconstruction. To discuss your options for Breast Reconstruction, contact our office to schedule your personal consultation with Columbus Plastic Surgeon Dr. Treece, Dr. Vasko, Dr. Heck or Dr. Wakelin.

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