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November 15, 2012

Columbus Breast Rejuvenation Through Breast Lift

Breast Lift at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

There are several reasons a woman may make the decision to undergo a breast lift procedure. Breasts can begin to drop over time due to natural aging, pregnancy and nursing, weight loss or gain, or even genetics. Women who are dissatisfied with the accelerating downward sag of their breasts may consider a Columbus Breast Lift procedure to rejuvenate and bring a more youthful appearance make to their breasts.

In a Breast Lift procedure an incision is made typically around the areola.  Then the underlying breast tissue is lifted and shaped to the best contour for you.  The excess skin is then removed. In some cases the areola may be repositioned high on the breasts to be better aligned with the newly positioned breasts. The areola can also be re-sized or re-shaped depending on your individual needs and desires. Next, the remaining skin is closed around the areola to create firmer, perkier, more youthful breasts. If size is also a concern, a Breast Lift procedure may be coupled with a Breast Augmentation procedure to create the most optimal results.

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