December 13, 2013

Correcting Breast Implant Complications

A relatively common complication from newer breast augmentation surgeons is malalignment of the implants. Usually, this refers to how they are positioned against the chest wall. Implants can sometimes slip out of place superiorly (‘riding high’), inferiorly (‘bottoming out’), medially (symmastia), or laterally (falling outward). For Central Ohio patients, the four board certified plastic surgeons at CAPS are able to correct these common problems.

Previous surgeries that may’ve been too aggressive can result in weakened muscle tissue (from cutting during the operation or other factors). If the muscle connected to the sternum gives in, this results in symmastia or lateral slipping. There won’t be enough tissue on either side of the implant to keep it from falling sideways. When the implants touch in the middle, this creates the appearance of one, continuous breast – which is obviously undesirable. Medial and lateral complications are a fairly simply fix involving internal sutures and sometimes special bras to reinforce the repair. These garments push the breasts apart to allow healing without constant pressure applied to the sutures.

Superior or inferior complications typically require adjustment to the inframammary fold with internal sutures. This can correct situations where the areola has ‘moved’ to the top of the breast. Your doctor may use markings before the surgery to help define what corrections will be made.

Are you experiencing breast implant complications from a previous surgery? Contact Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery to talk to the professionals about how they can help correct these issues.

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