June 23, 2015

Do I Need A Necklift?

You only get one chance to make a first impression and your face is the first thing others see when they meet you. With age, your face will undergo some characteristic changes. Usually, the face loses volume and you develop a hollowness beneath the eyes, less fullness in the cheeks, and hollow temples. The volume that is left descends and begins to droop over your lower face (bags underneath the eyes, deep lines around the mouth, jowls along the jawline, droopy corners of the mouth.)

In addition, the skin displays indications of aging such as discoloration from sun damage and loss of elasticity. The neck skin usually becomes droopy and loose, which causes loss of a youthful jawline and neck angle. Such changes occur in women and men and really can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. The reason necklifts and facelifts are described together is that they commonly are simultaneously addressed. In most cases, if just the neck is tightened and lifted without addressing the face, and visa versa, the result will appear strange and artificial as the face and neck will not match.

During a face and necklift three things happen. 1) The underlying supportive tissue of the face and neck is tightened for a longer-lasting result, 2) The soft tissue which has descended with age is re-suspended for a more youthful appearance, 3) The overlying skin is tightened providing a good facial contour with a natural look.

Typical reasons for having a necklift and/or facelift include:

• tightening of neck and face skin
• restoring a more youthful contour to your neck and face
• restoring cheek fullness
• repositioning the volume of the face which have descended with age
• eliminating jowls and marionette lines
• eliminating ‘turkey neck’ or platysmal banding

Remember, a face and necklift does not take the place of great skin care. Skin care may be comprised of quality cleansers, moisturizers, bleaching agents, peels, laser treatments, Botox, Dysport, as well as fillers. Talk with your plastic surgeon to get an individualized treatment program.

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