What is a face lift procedure?

A face lift, otherwise known as rhytidectomy, improves the signs of aging on both the face and neck. The procedure removes excess skin and tightens facial muscles thus diminishing lines and wrinkles, reducing sagging skin around the neck and jowls, and creates a more youthful appearance. At Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, see how we can help make your skin firm and smooth again. Additionally, a face lift can be combined with other facial enhancements – including forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, or neck liposuction.

Why consider a face lift?

For a successful, youth-enhancing face lift, Columbus, Ohio residents come to Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (CAPS). Our skilled team of plastic surgeons is dedicated to providing a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, as well as providing the highest level of surgical care available. At CAPS, we provide a thorough, in-depth analysis of your face, and every consult and procedure is centered on your individual needs as a patient. Call us today at 614.246.6900 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.   If you have any questions about financing your face lift procedure, please visit our financing page.

What results should I expect from the Columbus face lift procedure?

The face lift is one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures for good reason. It’s one of the most rewarding plastic surgeries for both the patient and the physician in terms of its power to reduce the effects of aging on the face and restore the spirit of the individual. Full face lift surgery can have a dramatic impact on a person who feels they have lost their youthful glow.  By repairing skin elasticity, removing excess fat and deep wrinkles, and tightening the underlying facial muscles, the skin of the face and neck is restored to reveal a more youthful person. For some people, a mini-face lift is all that’s needed to turn back the clock several years.

What about recovery?

Most face lifts are done as outpatient procedures in an office, outpatient surgery center or a hospital. They can be performed with sedation or under general anesthesia. Also, a prolonged recovery is not usually necessary with the new face lift techniques employed by the four board-certified plastic surgeons, in addition to our newest plastic surgeon at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (located in Columbus Ohio). Patients are sometimes able to obtain long-lasting results and return to work in just days.

Informed Decisions about Face Lift Procedures

As a patient considering a face lift you must be prepared to understand the benefits and risks of the procedure. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will work with you to educate you on the procedure, its risks, benefits, and expected outcomes.

If you have any questions about Financing your Face lift procedure, please visit our financing page.

Who Is a Candidate for Face Lift Plastic Surgery?

Almost everyone sees the effects of aging or gravity on the skin. Skin can sag or wrinkle from stress, sun exposure, smoking, or simply due to genetics. Time can make skin and soft tissue lose elasticity, creating a tired look, light lines, or deep lines around mouth and jowls. Skin can also loosen around the neck, causing a sagging appearance. Face lift procedures remove excess skin and fat, contouring the jaw and jowls, and soften these lines.

Physically and mentally healthy candidates who exhibit these signs of aging are all good candidates for a face lift. There is no specific age for the procedure since everyone’s face ages at different rates. Your surgeon will help you evaluate the options, and make recommendations for face lift candidacy, as well as explaining alternative treatments.

Along with good health an essential aspect of good face lift candidacy is having realistic expectations of what this procedure can supply. A candidate should be able to recognize not just what a face lift will accomplish, but also what limitations the procedures have in terms of results.

Along with realistic expectations, the best candidates will be willing and able to follow pre- and post-operative instructions. For example, smoking can raise the risks of face lift surgery and effect healing. A candidate who smokes must be willing to discontinue the habit for several weeks before and after surgery takes place.

Our experienced plastic surgeons will guide candidates through a thorough consultation and examination, through the determination of treatment goals, candidacy for the procedure, and will explain alternative procedures as well.

There are also a number of physical factors that make a patient an excellent face lift candidate. One is skin elasticity. Skin that retains at least some natural flexibility and suppleness is best. Why? As your surgeon tightens facial skin to reduce wrinkles, skin that can conform to its new shape will produce the most optimal results.

Having a strong bone structure is also important, as bones offer the support necessary to create long-lasting results. Candidates whose features are less-defined may wish to consider additional treatments, such as facial implants, fat transfer or fillers. Having loose skin on the face or neck is also a key factor for face lift surgery – as the surgeon trims loose skin during the procedure, having excess skin to remove will reduce the appearance of wrinkles simultaneously. Naturally, having good over-all health is important as well. Discussing any pre-existing conditions with your surgeon is key to a successful procedure, healing, and recovery.

In Columbus, Ohio, face lift procedures aren’t just for women. Men can also greatly benefit from a face lift. The steps involved in any face lift procedure are essentially identical for both sexes.

In short, while having a face lift won’t turn back time altogether, make you look like a completely different person, or solve personal issues, it does restore a youthful look – and make you glad to look in that mirror again.

What Results Can You Expect from a Face lift?

 To discuss specific youth-enhancing results of a face lift, Columbus, Ohio residents can consult in detail with their skilled surgeon at here at CAPS. There is a reason why the face lift is considered one of the most sought-after and well-known cosmetic procedures available. Both patient and surgeon enjoy seeing the often dramatic results reversing the effects of aging and restoring the spirit.

A face lift works well to repair skin elasticity, and tighten underlying facial muscles. In short, a face lift reveals a more youthful you. Face lifts adjust deep tissues, adding volume to the parts of the face where volume has been removed by age, as well as tightening loose skin. By lifting sagging skin, face lift procedures can reduce wrinkles in many parts of the face, especially the cheeks and neck; it also sharpens and defines your jaw.

Besides traditional full face lifts, there are other procedure variations that can be used either in combination with a full face lift or to simply address individual areas of the face. For example, fine or deeper wrinkles around the mouth or cheeks can be treated with skin resurfacing techniques such as a laser, dermabrasion, or chemical peels.

What is the Face Lift Procedure Like?

Once considering a youth-enhancing face lift, Columbus, Ohio residents can discuss all the details of the procedure with their skilled surgeon at CAPS. Experience and results are important facts in choosing the right surgeon for your procedure, and our staff is at the ready to discuss our credentials and face lift options.

Traditional Face Lifts

Most face lifts are conducted as outpatient procedures, performed under sedation or general anesthesia for patient comfort. A traditional face lift itself begins with precise incisions along the hairline at the temples. These incisions extend in front of the ear and behind the earlobe and on to the lower scalp. A small incision may also be made right under the chin to remove any excess skin from the neck. Once excess skin is separated, it’s removed, and skin and muscles are smoothed and tightened. Stitches temporarily secure the incision and preserve the new, tighter, more youthful shape of the face.

Alternative Face lift Procedures

An alternative to a traditional face lift is a mini face lift, primarily to tighten specific areas. Scars are often hidden behind the hairline. A mini-face lift focuses on particularly defined needs and trouble spots. The procedure can address specific areas including the mid-face, neck, jowls or the nasolabial folds – where smile or laugh lines occur.

Combining Your Face Lift with Other Procedures

A face lift can be performed alone, or in combination with other procedures. Along with a traditional face lift, sagging jowls, loose skin on the neck or fat accumulation that appears under the chin can be corrected by combining a neck lift with the traditional face lift procedure, beginning in front of the ear lobe and wrapping behind the ear to the lower scalp.

Forehead Lifts

To reduce drooping brows and forehead wrinkles, a forehead lift is another option. This procedure involves altering sagging muscles and skin by making a small incision below or above the hairline, lifting skin, and trimming away excess to raise the brows and reduce frown lines. Patients with a low brow greatly benefit from this procedure, as do those who have a tendency to develop deep lines or furrows on the forehead.

There are a number of techniques which can be used to perform a forehead lift, which is a common option for creating a young facial appearance. It might be used in combination with a traditional or mini-face lift, or performed on its own. Forehead lifts can be performed using endoscopic, camera-assisted techniques, or employ what is called a coronal brow lift or temporal brow lift. A temporal lift addresses the outer third position of your eyebrow, resulting in a clean, open-eyed result. The coronal brow lift features an incision ear to ear across the top of the head, concealed within the hair. The forehead skin is lifted, with muscle adjustments made through direct visualization.

Neck Lifts

A neck lift, also called a lower rhytidectomy, is another procedure often combined with a traditional face lift. At Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, we’ll tighten the neck’s skin elasticity, reducing any excess skin and fat, to both repair and rejuvenate underlying muscles. The result: re-shaping of the skin and neck, reviving the natural contours of the neck for a more youthful appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Another option to combine with a face lift: eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. Used to correct loose skin, sagging, and pouching around the eyes. Skin and fatty deposits are reduced and the causes for puffy bags. If droopy lids and puffiness is causing an aged appearance or interfering with vision, eyelid surgery is an excellent adjunct to face lifts, and is often performed during the same procedure. Many candidates for this type of surgery are 40 plus years, although younger candidates prone to droopy eyes can also greatly benefit. The result is a younger, more alert appearance.


Another procedure commonly combined with a face lift is rhinoplasty, commonly called a “nose job.” Rhinoplasty is performed to alter the shape, contour or size of the nose, or to correct breathing problems. With the nose being so important for defining the face, many people find comfort and a new sense of self-confidence in making changes to the size or shape of their nose. This procedure can help create a more refined look to the face.

How Long Will the Face Lift Procedure Take?

Overall, face lift surgery typically takes around three hours, with time often depending on which other procedures are combined with the face lift. While some bruising and swelling may occur, most patients report very little discomfort after their procedure. Reversing the effect of years or even decades has never been easier. As a patient considering a face lift, you should understand all the benefits and risks of the procedure. At CAPS in Columbus, Ohio, our skilled staff is ready to work with you to educate you about the procedure and its outcomes.

Once a patient heals from any face lift procedure, or adjunct procedure, any incision lines are concealed within the hairline and in natural facial contours.

What to Expect During the Face lift Recovery Period

With a traditional face lift, patients generally require up to a few weeks to fully heal. During the face lift recovery process, your face may be bandaged to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery. Thin tubes may be utilized to drain excess fluid or blood that collects under the skin right after the procedure and are usually left in place for 24-48 hours.

During the first two weeks, there is often some noticeable swelling and bruising. Patients who stay at home to recuperate can relax with books and movies; avoiding much physical activity for the first few days after surgery. Also in the first days, patients may use cool compresses to reduce swelling; with warm compresses recommended four times a day after that. Why this technique? Right after surgery, cool compresses diminish blood flow to the surgical site, minimizing any fluid that can leak around the cells and cause swelling.

As cell pores close after the third day post-surgery, cellular blood flow is to be encouraged, as it brings substances that help to resolve swelling and bruising. Four to six weeks post-surgery, there will be minimal if any signs that a procedure occurred, although internal changes can take as long as a year to fully be completed.

A discussion with your surgeon at the Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery can answer specific questions about the healing process, including any necessary medications to aid healing or prevent infection, when bandages will be removed if applied, when stitches are removed, and when normal activities and exercise can be resumed. Makeup can generally be worn 7 to 10 days after surgery.

Ready to Get Started Exploring Face Lift Options? 

To learn more, contact us online or call us today at 614.246.6900 to schedule a consultation. At CAPS, we’re happy to discuss the procedure and your potential results. Have questions about financing? Just call us – Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery offers CareCredit financing plans, among other options.

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