October 15, 2013

FDA Approves Botox for Treatment of Crow’s Feet

If you are suffering from lines around your eyes, commonly known as crow’s feet, then there’s great news for you! The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Botox for crow’s feet. Previously, Botox was mostly used for frown lines on the forehead. With the approval of Botox for crow’s feet, you can now look even younger and radiant than before!

Unfortunately, crow’s feet are a natural part of aging. The skin around the eyes is very thin and prone to wrinkles. Facial expressions such as smiling, laughing, and talking often cause the skin around the eyes to move. Repeated motion from the eye muscles and loss of elasticity from aging causes skin to wrinkle. The wrinkles around the eyes are extended and often connected, forming lines that look somewhat like bird feet. Hence, the name “crow’s feet.”

Botox blocks nerve impulses that cause your wrinkles to deepen. Botox rejuvenates the skin and smoothes out wrinkles so you’ll look and feel younger. You can combine Botox treatments for crow’s feet and frown lines so that your whole face will look rejuvenated.

Botox cosmetic is injected into your skin. The procedure only takes a few minutes and does not require anesthesia because there is relatively no pain. Recovery time is minimal, so you can return to your normal activities right after the procedure. A few patients may experience slight bruising or swelling, which can easily be covered with make up.

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If your eyes have wrinkles surrounding them, then those are probably not the “windows” that you want everyone to see. Botox will keep you looking like yourself, but better and more youthful. Stop worrying about your crow’s feet and do something to improve them! Contact Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery today to start looking like the best version of you.

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