January 19, 2012

French PIP Breast Implant Recall

Breast Implant Safety at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

You may have heard about the breast implant recall in France in the news.  We want to provide additional information to our Columbus Area patients about the European recall happening with the overseas PIP silicone implants.  Additionally, we wanted to reiterate the proven safety record of our US manufactured breast implants from Mentor used at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

At Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, we have only used Mentor Brand silicone implants which are manufactured in the United States and have an excellent track record of being completely safe and durable.   Mentor is a Johnson & Johnson owned company.  Mentor silicone implants have been extensively studied for years, reviewed and approved for use by numerous health and safety agencies, including the FDA.  Based on their impeccable record, they are the only implant we choose to use at our Columbus, Ohio plastic surgery practice.

The PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) implants that are being recalled were manufactured and sold in Europe (mainly France) and were never approved by the FDA , or for use in the United States.   However various European agencies are recommending to anyone who has had these implants overseas must get them removed even with no signs of rupture. The implants are being recalled because they were filled with industry grade silicone, rather than medical grade, and because they have a higher than acceptable rupture rate.

This recall serves as an important reminder of why it’s vital to partner with a board certified Columbus plastic surgeon you can trust and to make informed decisions regarding surgery.

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