July 1, 2015

Facial Procedures: How Often Should You Get Botox?

As you smile or raise your eyebrows your facial muscles beneath your skin are contracting. This contraction of facial muscles is what creates the wrinkles you notice across your forehead, between your eyes, and the “crows feet” to the sides of your eyes when you smile.

For a muscle to contract, it must first receive a signal from the brain to move. This signal is carried from the brain to the muscle along nerves. At the end of the nerve as it enters the muscle, chemicals are released which cause the muscle to contract. This is where Botox works! It blocks these small nerves from releasing chemicals and keeps the muscle from moving. Without these facial muscle moving there are no wrinkles. Your plastic surgeon can change the amount of Botox to a certain area depending on the amount of movement you desire. A common misconception is that Botox will give you a frozen, emotionless face which is not true.

Frequency of Botox Treatment
Botox treatments block the nerve from communicating with the muscle but results aren’t permanent. As time passes the Botox wears off and the muscle begins to become active again which leads to wrinkling. Everyone’s body processes Botox at different speeds depending on your genetics. It can last 3 months in some and 6 months or longer in others. Your plastic surgeon will take note of how long it is lasting and then advise you to come back for maintenance dosages every 3 – 6 months. The optimal time for a new treatment is when the muscle starts to regain function but has not completely returned thus minimizing wrinkles.

Working Towards Maintenance
Over time the muscles which Botox affects will start to shrink and the natural wrinkles in the skin overlying these muscles will disappear. This means that as time goes on you may be able to extend the period of time between sessions.

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