Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard of BOTOX but have you heard about the benefits of injectable fillers? Individuals that have deep wrinkles may not always see the results they want with BOTOX alone so we offer an alternative. Injectable fillers help to fill sagging folds of skin and wrinkles in order to smooth out the area and minimize the apparent signs of aging.

While both injectable fillers and BOTOX are used to reduce the signs of aging, these treatments work in completely different ways.

Injectable fillers are substances that help to fill and smooth deep lines and folds of skin. When you receive a treatment, the filler adds volume to the area under the wrinkle, allowing the skin to smooth out and regain its normal shape. Fillers are typically used to treat the bottom half of the face and the results tend to last longer than those of BOTOX.

BOTOX is essentially a nerve blocking agent that works on your facial muscles, not allowing them to contract. The muscle contractions, over your lifetime, are what caused the very wrinkles you are now looking to reduce. BOTOX keeps these muscles relaxed, allowing the skin to remain in its original place. BOTOX is normally used to treat the top half of the face.

A patient that receives injectable fillers may have a short period of downtime as to allow any bruising that may have occurred to subside. However, most patients return to work the following day. We do advise our patients to schedule their treatment at least one week prior to any significant social event to allow ample time for recovery.

When these procedures are performed by a trained plastic surgeon, risks are very minimal. Some of the most obvious risks are the resulting appearance of the area(s) treated. If too much or too little filler was used, the patient may not be completely satisfied with the result. In very rare instances an allergic reaction can occur.

The most common risks are bruising, redness and swelling at the site of the injection.

Our doctors take every precaution necessary to ensure our patients avoid these risks as much as is in our control. In order to receive the best results, your doctor will consult with you prior to treatment.

Yes, injectable fillers and BOTOX can be used in the same treatment but cannot be used on the same area being treated. For instance, a patient may receive BOTOX injections on the upper portion of the face and injectable fillers on the bottom portion of the face.

If you suffer from deep wrinkles of the face, especially the lower portion of the face, injectable fillers may be a great option for you to consider. Injectable fillers are minimally invasive and offer many benefits to the patient.

Injectable Filler Options

Radiesse Injectable

Calcium-based microspheres and gel for an immediate lift to sagging skin and fill to wrinkles.

Juvederm Injectable

Restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds with injectable gel.

Sculptra Injectable

Replace lost collagen and fill shallow or deep facial wrinkles and folds.

Restylane Injectable

Long lasting treatment to fill and provide fullness to skin.