August 26, 2013

Male Body Procedures

Men desiring to undergo plastic surgery procedures often fear that there are no options available for them. However, we know men have body issues just as women do, and we offer a variety of procedures to assist them in rebuilding their self-confidence.

What Male Body Procedures are Available?

Tummy Tuck. The stomach is a major problem area for many men. Males most often put on weight in their midsection. Losing this weight can leave the body with stretched skin, an unpleasant reminder of the former body. It can be difficult to lose this excess skin after a major weight loss. During a tummy tuck male body procedure the superfluous skin is removed to restore the belly to a healthy, flatter shape.

Liposuction. While a tummy tuck covers the majority of problem weight areas in men, liposuction can help with other stubborn weight gain. Most men desire to lose their love handles or get rid of excess breast tissues, called gynecomastia. These areas in particular are difficult to rid of excess fat with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is a viable option to rid those unattractive surplus pounds!

We understand that men want significantly different results than women do when choosing to undergo plastic surgery. With these results in mind, we can customize a male body procedure that will renew the body to its desired shape. Schedule a consultation today and find out what procedures are right for you!

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