April 4, 2014

Why Are Minimally Invasive Procedures on the Rise?

When you think of “plastic surgery,” what comes to mind? If you think of procedures for the face and body, designed to create harmony between a person’s inner and outer beauty…then you’re only partially right. You may not realize it, but minimally invasive procedures are on the rise.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13.4 million cosmetic procedures that Americans went under fell under the “minimally invasive” category. This includes injectable treatment options (like Botox), laser hair removal, and more. Why is it that over 88% of all procedures completed last year were in this category?

Minimally invasive procedures can be an easier and more discrete option for the person on the go. With injectables like Botox and soft tissue fillers becoming more and more available, these options can be easily adapted to a beauty regimen, don’t take very long to complete, and can be scheduled around your busy lifestyle. With the same time commitment as going to the gym, these beauty options are becoming more and more accessible.

But injectable procedures aren’t the only minimally invasive procedure that we see people take time out of their day for. Chemical peel and microdermabrasion procedures were also on the rise in 2013. Both procedures allow people to reclaim the natural glow in their faces, in the same amount of time as a luxury spa procedure. Over two million Americans chose to treat themselves with a chemical laser peel or microdermabrasion last year – in part, because of the convenience!

Another popular choice for those seeking minimally invasive aesthetic possibilities was hair removal procedures. We’re not talking the (often painful) waxing or tweezing you’ll find at a spa. Instead, these smart people opted for a more permanent solution with laser hair removal. These procedures don’t take very long to complete, and can remove unwanted hair from the body once and for all from just about any area. With a very minimal time commitment, people can get rid of the razor, and spend time doing the things that matter to them. Nobody ever said, “I wish I spent more time shaving.”

Overall, what you think you know about plastic surgery is changing. With the continued changes in technology, minimally invasive procedures keep busy people looking their best with long-lasting solutions, or multiple quick and easy touch-up treatments. No wonder more and more people are looking to their doctors for aesthetic solutions every year. Ready to find out more about a regimen that fits in your lifestyle? Contact us today to learn more!

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