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Correct gynecomastia, and get back to living your life.

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Lose those last few pounds & renew youthful looks.

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Repair your nose, wrinkles, or bags under your eyes.

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The doctors of Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery are well aware that performing procedures on our male patients is different from those we do for our female patients. Our doctors approach our male clientele with this in mind.

Differences in fat deposits, skin with facial hair, and preserving a masculine appearance — all of these issues are addressed and preserved. This gives our male clients the comfort and confidence that their procedure will give them the results they are looking to achieve.

We offer a full range of male plastic surgery for our male patients at Columbus, including procedures for the face, breast, body, and noninvasive surgery options. Our team of qualified doctors can make a change in your appearance and life. Contact us for more information and schedule an appointment.