September 30, 2013

Skin Care for Men

Men’s skin is not so different from women’s. What your skin protects you from can vary wildly from person to person, but we all have skin to help save our bodies from damaging conditions. No matter what you’re doing with your skin, our aestheticians at the MedSpa by CAPS are well-equipped to heal, make it more youthful, and aid you in discovering a regimen of products that will help your skin looks its best for years to come.

Exfoliation and peels (chemical and laser) can help remove the effects of acne and sun damage, something most men are prone to. They’re also great for addressing wrinkles and improving both skin tone and texture. For men outside frequently, sunscreen and skin protection often isn’t enough to prevent skin damage. Treatments are required for reversing these effects which are often seen as sign of age.

To remove visual cues of age specifically, our staff can help with Botox and assorted injectable fillers. Deep forehead wrinkles or brow furrows can make others believe that you’re permanently angry. It’s not just a makeover for your skin, it’s a completely new way for people to perceive you. For those who communicate for a living, these negative perceptions are completely detrimental to their work. Botox can be a quick way to alleviate those wrinkles.

Our team works with men and women of all ages and we’re able to identify a comprehensive routine for you and your skin. Take men’s skin care to the next level, with Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

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