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January 20, 2014

Smoking and Obesity Increase Risk of Complication after Breast Reconstruction

A recent study released in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons reports that unhealthy habits may have a detrimental effect on breast reconstruction patients. The study focused on assessing risk factors for women who had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy related to breast cancer. The goal of the study was to provide doctors with better risk assessment tools for preoperative care of patients.

Patients who were at greatest risk having their implants removed in the first 30 days after surgery were those who smoked and those who were obese. Patients who smoke have a three times higher risk of having their implants removed than non-smokers, while obese patients had a two to three times higher risk of removal than non-obese patients.

The study highlights the need for patients to take good care of themselves before and after reconstructive breast surgery. Because of this study, doctors performing breast reconstruction will have a better tool to assess patients with high risk factors, and be able to confer with the patient about what type of surgery is best for them given their risk factor rating. Schedule a consultation with Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery today about a breast reconstruction procedure!

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