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December 16, 2014

Three Unique Cosmetic Procedures Growing in Popularity

Advances in technology have improved the way cosmetic procedures are performed, as well as the results they deliver. Thanks to medical research, many unique treatments can help you obtain the results you want. Here are three procedures you’ll want to discuss with your board-certified plastic surgeon today!

Fat Transfer: In some situations, you can use your own body fat to re-shape your appearance. A fat transfer procedure can help you get the results you want, using a completely natural filler that your body naturally producers. During a fat transfer, fat deposits are harvested from one area of your body (such as your abdomen or thigh), and replaced elsewhere (such as the face or buttocks). Using your own fat can deliver long lasting, results. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide if you would be a good candidate, and determine where a fat transfer may be best applied.

Laser Skin Tightening: Many people believe having a lift is the only way to tighten skin. That is no longer the case, thanks to advances in laser technology. For those who would rather avoid a surgical procedure, laser skin tightening can help firm and tighten skin without a surgery. Plus, laser skin tightening is safe to use on many areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, and thighs, and even sensitive areas. Though laser skin tightening can be a long lasting procedure, there are limitations to the tightening that can be accomplished. Be sure to consult your plastic surgeon about all the options, and to help determine if laser skin tightening is the right procedure for you.

Chemical Face Peel: For those looking for skin rejuvenation, a chemical peel may be the right solution for you. Containing naturally-based alpha-hydroxy-acids, chemical peels can improve skin complexion, and bring back your natural glow. And in some cases, a chemical face peel can compliment other procedures as well. Talk to your plastic surgeon about how a chemical face peel can bring back the natural glow and complexion of your skin.

Ready to get started today? The board-certified plastic surgeons of CAPS are more than happy to help you get the results you want, regardless of the procedure. Schedule your consultation today to learn more!

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