May 14, 2012

Trusted Facelift Techniques at Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Recently, ABC News investigated a growing chorus of complaints against Lifestyle Lift, a group claiming to offer less invasive and cheaper face-lifts.

A sample complaint regarding Lifestyle Lift:

“I was amazed. I thought, wow!” said Diane Jarzab. “When I heard that you could actually have it done on your lunch hour, I said this can’t be too bad.” Her results were unremarkable, so she filed a complaint with the Arizona Medical Board.

The article also notes that “The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery recommends seeking out a consultation from a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon who operates in an accredited facility before undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure.”

According to Dr. Timothy Treece, “The Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery utilize only trusted mini and full-facelift techniques. We do not perform the investigated Lifestyle Lift, but do offer trusted mini face-lift options performed by qualified board-certified plastic surgeons, that require less downtime than a traditional full facelift.  The surgical techniques we use are customized to the facial structure of each patient, allowing for a beautiful, natural result.  These can be modified based on the results desired and the amount of downtime each patient can allow.”

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