October 29, 2013

Using Your Own Fat to Heal Scars

A new, promising treatment for painful and/or unsightly scars has been announced in The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery by Dr. Marco Klinger. The study reports that fat grafting showed quick and extended relief in more than 700 patients suffering from painful scarring.

Dr. Klinger used autologous fat (tissue from the same patient) and used it to create a web of support beneath surface scar tissue. He and his associates would first perform a small amount of liposuction to extract and later process just enough fat tissue, usually from the hips or thighs. Then, they would re-inject the fat beneath scar tissue to help support and cushion the hard skin that had lost its elasticity.

Patients saw results as early as two weeks and they lasted past the first year. The results themselves were life-changing. In areas where mobility was limited or constrained due to hard tissue (such as facial burns), the fat transfer led to improved mobility. The cushion meant less stiffness in the affected areas. The skin becomes more flexible and softer to the touch. Dr. Klinger even observed that the color seemed to return and the areas looked more like the surrounding, unscarred tissue.

This new discovery is part of a continuing renewal of interest in fat grafting as a type of more natural and regenerative medicine for healing and surgical applications. The technique isn’t perfected, but it shows promise of leading to more discoveries in the treatment and management of painful scars.

Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery will be following this technique as it develops. We currently offer laser treatments at out MedSpa to help with the treatment of painful scarring, and we are always excited to learn of new ideas.

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