November 26, 2013

ZO Medical – Now At CAPS!

We’re happy to announce that all CAPS and MedSpa locations now carry the ZO Medical line of products! ZO Skin Health was founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, the man behind the original Obagi line of products. ZO Skin Health is focused on Dr. Obagi’s vision of skincare (Correction, Stimulation, Bleaching/Blending), as well as a drive to continually improve their formulas and offerings based on the growing body of research behind healthy skin.

Recent research has shown that some tried-and-true methods of skincare may not be right for everyone, or even right for anyone long-term. The side effects of hydroquinone and tretinoin are coming to light. Used for more than three to five months, these products can cause adverse reactions in their topical areas. Despite that, they remain popular products for adjusting pigmentation and more. But Dr. Obagi focuses the care on the patient and their relationship with the doctor. Using the ZO Medical line of products, Dr. Obagi wants to create stronger bonds between patient and physician to encourage more personal prescriptions for healthier individual skin.

CAPS locations carry a range of ZO Medical items. These include acne control formulas, color correction products, healthy skin formulas, feature enhancement, prescription hydroquinone and tretinoin, as well as peel systems. Because the MedSpa is overseen by four board certified physicians, we are able to use more medical-grade products and tailor those regimens to each person’s skin.

ZO Medical provides guidelines for a healthy skin evaluation to assist in matching patients with products. We’re excited about their commitment to personalized, genuine skin health. It’s a perfect match for the CAPS commitment to you!

For more information, ask your aesthetician or doctor at your next appointment.

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