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Stay Safe While You Soak Up the Summer Sun

Woman smiling in the sun

Summer’s here! To many, that means long days at the pool and maybe even a trip to the beach. Whatever this summer brings, chances are, you’ll find yourself spending some time in the sun. While sunbathing can be enjoyable and can give you the sun-kissed appearance you desire, it’s important to remember that the sun’s rays can cause both short-term and long-term damage. In the short-term, you may suffer the pain of a sunburn and even the misery of sun poisoning. In the long-term, over-exposure can cause premature aging, skin cancer, and eye damage. As you can see, the risks of over-exposure are significant. With this in mind, we’ve outlined some recommendations to prevent sun damage this summer.

1. Use Sunscreen

This may be the most obvious tip we have, but it’s also the most important. Experts recommend making sunscreen application a part of your everyday routine. In particular, however, its crucial that you apply sunscreen before spending an extended period of time in the strong summer sun. Sunscreen, particularly brands with broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30 can protect your skin from both short-term and long-term sun damage. It’s important to be sure to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, because this will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays (there’s a third type of ray, called UVC, but these are harmless.)

2. Wear Protective Clothing

Laying beside the pool or on the sand can feel great but exposing your bare skin to the sun for an extended period of time can be dangerous. If you must spend the day in the sun, perhaps for a trip to the zoo or an amusement park, it’s best to wear light clothing that covers you, including long sleeves, pants, and a hat. Linen pants are a popular, lightweight choice and you can have a lot of fun choosing the perfect, stylish hat for your outfit. In addition, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage. Dressing properly will allow you to enjoy your day without worry.

3. Protect Your Face

No matter what you wear, your face will probably be exposed to the sun. Putting sunscreen on your face can be irritating. Some are greasy, some cause breakouts, and it stings when it runs into your eyes. Luckily, sunscreens aren’t all the same. There are many options to choose from and CAPS has chosen the best ones. You can view our incredible Colorescience offerings here. One of our favorites is the Colorescience Brush on Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It’s an on-the-go powder that’s mess-free and easy to re-apply. If you’re unsure which sunscreen is right for you, consult with one of our experts at our office today!

By following the tips outlined above, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about sun damage. We hope you have an incredible, sun-safe summer this year!