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Supporting Breast Cancer Patients with the CAPS Foundation

smiling breast cancer survivor and loved one

Whether it’s a friend, family member, someone in your community or yourself, the unfortunate truth is most of us have been impacted by breast cancer in some way. It can be a scary journey to experience this disease or watch someone you care about go through the trials and tribulations of breast cancer. Patients are often impacted by treatment side effects with mental, physical and emotional stress or trauma. 

At CAPS, we’re dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these patients with The CAPS Foundation. The mission of The CAPS Foundation is to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research and offer assistance, comfort and relief to those who are impacted by breast cancer. We believe that confidence and clarity lead to better outcomes and we strive to create an experience with humanity, dignity and hope throughout the entire breast cancer journey. Read on to discover how we aim to fulfill this promise. 

What Is Breast Cancer and What Are The Side Effects of Treatments?

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in women. Forming in the breast cells, the cancer will typically show symptoms such as a lump or changes in the shape and texture of the breast and nipples. There are many different types of breast cancer defined by where they begin to grow in the breast and how the cancer behaves. The type of breast cancer can also refer to whether or not it has spread. Invasive breast cancer means it has spread into the surrounding breast tissue while non-invasive breast cancer means it has not spread beyond the point where it formed. The most common types of invasive breast cancer are invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) and invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC). The most common types of non-invasive breast cancer are ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). 

Breast cancer is treated in several ways, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Although these can be effective, life-saving treatment options, they typically cause side effects that can negatively impact body aesthetic and self-confidence. In order to remove the cancer cells from the breast, the affected breast tissue is often removed. This causes the breast and nipple to change shape, size and feeling and may leave scarring or total removal of the breast. Breast cancer treatments may also cause hair loss, dehydration and loss of color in the skin. 

How Does The CAPS Foundation Support Women Experiencing Side Effects of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Treatments?

At CAPS, we’re passionate about the care we provide to our central Ohio patients affected with breast cancer. Through our non-profit organization The CAPS Foundation, we’re committed to advocating for our patients and striving to end breast cancer for once and for all. The Foundation’s signature, annual event in October, CAPS For The Cure, was launched to raise funds for breast cancer research and breakthrough innovations like the Cold Caps Therapy program through OhioHealth Hospitals, which has been proven to prevent or reduce hair loss from chemotherapy.

Not only does The CAPS Foundation help fund the treatments, we also perform many of them with our expert doctors and staff. Our holistic services that help patients gain comfort and boost confidence during this hard time include advanced nipple and areola tattooing, permanent makeup, microblading, IV Therapy, skincare services and medical-grade skincare products that revive and rejuvenate skin. We work closely with each breast cancer patient to create a personalized plan that provides benefits through every phase of their journey.

How Can I Help?

Through our annual CAPS For The Cure event, the participation of sponsors, donors and attending community members has been a vital piece of our growth over the years. They have allowed us to provide more for breast cancer patients and have been a large part of our success in sponsoring these women’s journeys in central Ohio. 

To support breast cancer research and patients, you can become a CAPS For The Cure sponsor for the annual CAPS For The Cure event. Each level of sponsorship including Corporate Sponsor, Event Sponsor and Table Sponsor, comes with different perks and promotional opportunities. There are also individual ticket purchasing options available for the event.

Another opportunity to support is through donation. With the help and generosity of dedicated community members like you, we’ve been able to support over 10,000 breast cancer patients throughout their journeys. Together, we can improve the lives of those around us who have been impacted by breast cancer. Make a donation or become a sponsor today!