Highly Qualified CoolSculpting Specialists

We’re proud to offer the very best CoolSculpting procedures in Columbus. Our CoolSculpting team is comprised of 6 expertly trained, highly experienced CoolSculpting specialists and is overseen by our team of 5 award-winning, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. At Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, you’ll benefit from our team’s skill and expertise as they perform your CoolSculpting procedures. Learn more about our incredible staff’s background, skills, and CoolSculpting training here!

Learn About Jennifer

Jennifer Heck has been in the nursing field for over 25 years and holds a Master’s Degree from the Medical College of Ohio. She is the clinical director of CoolSculpting at CAPS and travels the United States lecturing on the science and clinical outcomes of CoolSculpting.

Jennifer MSN, RN

Learn About Michelle

Michelle has been a registered nurse since 1998 and previously worked at Riverside Methodist Hospital as a surgical nurse. When Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery added their CoolSculpting Center in May 2014, Michelle quickly became one of the first Central Ohio RN’s to be certified in CoolSculpting.

Michelle RN

Learn About Jackie

Jackie has been in the nursing field for over 5 years and has a background in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She has extensive experience as a CoolSculpting Practitioner. She’s looking forward to helping you to achieve excellent results as you pursue your goal of looking, feeling, and living better!


Learn About Heidi

Heidi has been in the nursing field for over seven years and is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She comes from the Cleveland Clinic with experience in organ transplant and cardiac intensive care. She is excited to perform CoolSculpting at our beautiful Easton location!


Learn About Tisha

Tisha has over a 13 year nursing career with Ohio Health, where she excelled due to her interpersonal skills and commitment to patient care. She obtained an advanced practice nursing degree to pursue her passion for a career in aesthetics. She performs CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Invasive Laser Treatments and Minimally Invasive Laser Treatments.


Learn About Jennifer

Jennifer Henne combines her thorough knowledge of aesthetic medicine, caring nature, clinical training and expertise in cosmetic treatments to achieve optimal, non-surgical results. With over 5 years of experience and her passion of health and wellness, Jennifer helps each patient reach their individual goals of looking and feeling their best.

Jennifer RN

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