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Look the Way You Feel

A facelift can reinvigorate and rejuvenate you by allowing all the youthful energy you have inside to shine on the outside.

our approach


We listen.

We make sure we understand your aesthetic goals and design a plan to meet them.


We inform.

We want each and every patient to feel comfortable and even excited about their procedure. We will ensure that each patient is well-informed and fully understands the risks and benefits.


We take your recovery seriously.

If you have questions or concerns after your procedure, we're here to help.


We stand by our results.

Our surgeons have the education and experience to create incredible transformations that aren't just successful — they're works of art.

What is a facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to make you look younger. Facelifts can help decrease sagging in the midface, mitigate deep creases below the lower eyelids and along the nose and corner of the mouth, redistribute fat that has fallen or become displaced, address the loss of muscle tone in the lower face that may create jowls, and reposition the loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw that can lead to the appearance of a double chin. In short, facelifts can achieve many desirable results that are natural, long-lasting, and tailored to your goals.

What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift can be targeted specifically at your problem areas and, due to the reduced scope of the surgery, requires significantly less downtime than a traditional facelift. You and your plastic surgeon will choose which areas of your face to target with the mini facelift. For individuals who have one specific area of their face that they would like to rejuvenate, a mini facelift is often an excellent choice.

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The best plastic surgeons in Columbus, Ohio

Our doctors make all the difference. Consistently ranked among the top in the nation, our plastic surgeons are the most sought-after experts in anti-aging and aesthetics, leading the way in innovation and results.

Is a facelift right for me?

The answer to this question depends on a number of personal factors. Meet with one of our plastic surgeons for a personalized consultation, where we can walk through your options together and determine if a facelift or mini facelift is right for you. For those looking for a noninvasive solution, our Ultherapy® option may provide the results you're looking for.

What to expect

Your first visit

At CAPS, we place a great deal of importance on your consultation. We want you to be well-informed so that you can confidently determine, in partnership with your doctor, if a facelift is the right choice for you. During your consultation, your doctor will explain the full procedure to you and will ask you several questions, including:

  • Why do you want a facelift?

  • What are your expectations for the procedure?

  • What is your desired outcome?

  • Do you have any medical conditions or drug allergies?

  • Are you currently undergoing any medical treatments?

  • What is your current use of medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs?

  • Have you had any previous surgeries? If so, what were they?

In addition to asking these questions, your plastic surgeon will use your consultation to evaluate your general health status and any preexisting health conditions or risk factors you may have, discuss your facelift options, examine and measure your face, take photographs for your medical record, recommend a course of treatment, discuss likely outcomes of a facelift and any risks or potential complications, and answer your questions.

Before your facelift, you may be asked to get lab testing or a medical evaluation, take certain medications or adjust your current medications, stop smoking, and avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and any herbal supplements that may increase bleeding.

We will also give you special instructions about what to do the night before and the morning of your surgery and regarding your post-operative care and follow-up appointments.

The procedure

First, you’ll be administered anesthesia to ensure you're as comfortable as possible. Your plastic surgeon will recommend the anesthesia option that is best for you. Then, you’ll go to sleep while your skilled plastic surgeon and well-trained staff perform the facelift. The exact procedure will vary depending on your unique needs and desired outcomes. Your doctor can walk you through every step of the procedure during your consultation. Generally, a facelift takes about three hours.

After the treatment

Your doctor will give you instructions regarding your post-operative care. Following these instructions is absolutely vital for the success of your surgery. These instructions will include ensuring that your surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during your recovery. Your doctor will also instruct you regarding the proper care of the surgical site, the use of medications to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, and your overall follow-up care. At CAPS, our relationship with you doesn’t end after your surgery is completed. We will always be available to address any concerns you may have and to ensure that you heal well.

The results of a facelift are long-lasting and natural. You can expect to see a rejuvenated, younger-looking face in the mirror after you have healed from your surgery. Exact results vary, but your doctor can help you to determine what to expect and when you place your trust in the skilled plastic surgeons at CAPS — the best facelift surgeons in Columbus, Ohio — you can rest assured that they have the experience and education that make them uniquely suited to perform successful facelifts.

Frequently asked questions


How long is the recovery time after a facelift?

Most people are able to do normal activities around the house within a few days after a facelift. Swelling and bruising are generally better after 2-3 weeks. We ask that patients avoid any vigorous activity, lifting or exercise for about 3 weeks after surgery.

How long will a facelift last?

This depends upon many factors including genetics, environmental factors, a patient’s health, and how well one takes care of their health and skin. In general, a facelift lasts for 10 years or more.

How many facelifts can you have?

There are no absolute limits to the number of facelifts or mini facelifts that you can have, as long as you remain healthy enough to have surgery safely and your anatomy would benefit from the procedure.

How much does a facelift cost?

Facelift procedures can vary widely in cost depending on a person’s anatomy, goals, and whether or not other procedures like eyelid surgery, liposuction, or fat grafting are performed with the facelift. Because each person is different, we recommend scheduling a consultation to determine the cost.

How much skin is removed in a facelift?

This also varies widely from patient to patient but generally, a significant amount of skin is removed in order to provide the desired improvement in your appearance.

How much younger will I look after the facelift?

The facelift before and after results can vary widely from patient to patient since the anatomy of each person is different. Since CAPS has some of the best facelift doctors and surgeons in Columbus, you can expect to see satisfactory results.

Is 60 too old for a facelift?

No, 60 is not too old for a facelift or a mini facelift! In fact, there is no absolute age that is considered too old, with the understanding that we always take a patient’s general health into consideration for any procedure that our facelift doctors and surgeons perform. In fact, 60 is a very typical age for our facelift patients.

What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift is a variation of a facelift procedure that is typically done for someone who does not yet require the full extent of a facelift procedure.

What is the most common age for a facelift?

Facelifts can benefit a wide range of people depending upon their anatomy and their goals. We perform facelifts and mini-facelifts for patients as young as 40 and well into their 80s. Most commonly patients are in their 50’s and 60’s.

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