PRP & Red Light/Blue Light Therapy

The Perfect Pair: PRP and Red Light/Blue Light Therapy

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma treatment) and Red Light/Blue Light therapy can achieve exceptional hair restoration results. When they are performed together, the results are even more impressive!

How does Red Light/Blue Light therapy work?
Red Light/Blue Light therapy uses light energy to stimulate hair growth. Red light/Blue Light therapy works by using light delivered at specific therapeutic wavelengths within infrared and red-light spectrums. The energy from these lights stimulates the hair follicles so that they are constantly in the growth, or anagen, stage. This results in thicker, longer, and healthier hair.

How does PRP treatment work?
PRP harnesses the body’s own rejuvenating powers to naturally stimulate hair growth. The treatment involves drawing a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm. This blood is then spun in a centrifuge until the plasma is separated and growth factors and stem cells are extracted. This plasma, complete with growth factors and stem cells, is then injected into the patient’s scalp, where it stimulates hair growth.

At CAPS, we stand behind the combination of PRP and Red Light/Blue Light therapy. When receiving both treatments, our patients are sure to have a pleasant experience and love their results. This minimally-invasive combination comes with many benefits such as:

  • Universal – Can be used to treat both men and women
  • No Downtime – Takes less than 30 minutes
  • Extremely Effective – That’s why we call PRP and Red Light/Blue Light therapy the “Perfect Pair!”
  • Natural – Using only light and your body’s own rejuvenating powers
  • Safe – Since PRP uses your body’s own cells, there is no risk of rejection or an allergic reaction
  • Minimal Discomfort – Similar to undergoing blood work at a routine doctor’s appointment
  • Affordable – We offer financing programs to meet your needs and help you move forward with treatment

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