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Our Laser Center Practitioners

Our laser practitioners, Jackie Smith, Heidi Weiser, and Tish Perreira received extensive training and are certified to operate our laser platforms. At CAPS, our laser practitioners are qualified to perform safe, yet effective treatment parameters to achieve the very best results. Additionally, our highly trained and certified laser specialists are overseen by our five Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, further enhancing the value and quality enjoyed by our clients.

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Jackie Smith MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Jackie has been in the nursing field for over 5 years and has a background working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She performs Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Invasive Laser Treatments, and Minimally Invasive Laser Treatments. Her expertise allows her to customize treatment plans to meet patients’ unique aesthetic goals. Jackie loves to see the increased confidence her patients tend to enjoy after their laser treatments and she takes great pride in providing the very best possible care. She’s looking forward to helping you to achieve excellent results as you pursue your goal of looking, feeling, and living better!

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Heidi Weiser MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Heidi has been in the nursing field for over eight years and is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She comes from the Cleveland Clinic with extensive experience in organ transplant and cardiac intensive care. She performs Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Invasive Laser Treatments, and Minimally Invasive Laser Treatments. She looks forward to achieving your personal goals!

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Tisha Perreira MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Tisha has over a 13-year nursing career with OhioHealth, where she excelled due to her interpersonal skills and commitment to patient care. She obtained an advanced practice nursing degree to pursue her passion for a career in aesthetics. She performs CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Invasive Laser Treatments and Minimally Invasive Laser Treatments.

Tisha is passionate about helping her clients achieve natural looking results, while providing them with realistic and honest expectations. Her expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology will transform your skin into its beautiful best.

I wish I would have known about CAPS laser hair treatments sooner. I spent years shaving, waxing and trying everything I could to remove unwanted hair. After only a few easy treatment sessions with the CAPS specialists, I’m finally seeing the results I’ve always wanted!

– Melissa

One year ago, I completed the last of my 6 laser hair removal treatments at CAPS. I was happy with the results at the time, but I was skeptical that they would last long-term. A year later, the hair hasn’t shown any signs of coming back and I’m feeling as confident as ever. Thank you, CAPS!

– Jamal

The Halo Laser Treatment, provided by the CAPS team, truly gave me back my confidence! I struggled over the last few years as new lines and wrinkles were starting to show. After only one treatment and a couple days to heal, my skin looks and feels like it did 20 years ago. Amazing!

– Connie

I’ve always had Rosacea and while they tell me it can’t be cured, CAPS’ YAG laser treatments have come pretty close! My skin has never looked so clear. The team answered all my questions and gave me really helpful post-treatment instructions. I will definitely be going back to CAPS for laser treatment on some of the broken capillaries in my ankle.

– Bill

Results that speak for themselves.

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