Tattoo Removal

Have your tattoos become outdated, blurry, or insignificant? Let us help!

We all have things in our past that we’d like to erase. For many of us this includes one tattoo – or many. Luckily, laser technology makes it possible to remove body ink faster, and more effectively than ever before.

The Discovery Pico laser goes beyond conventional pico-second lasers by combining the highest power possible with more wavelengths and treatment modes. The laser can effectively treat all tattoo colors precisely and evenly, reducing the discomfort and recovery time often associated with laser tattoo removal. Of course, the number of treatments required will depend on each individual’s case, but Discovery Pico makes it possible to achieve optimum outcomes in fewer sessions.

After 4 sessions

After 6 sessions

How Does it Work?

Providing optimal tattoo removal treatments, the Discovery Pico generates a pure photoacoustic effect to shatter inks and pigmentations leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. This pico-second laser, thanks to its shorter pulse durations and high peak power, will effectively pulverize even the deepest skin pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Discovery Pico laser treatment right for me?
How does the laser break down pigment so effectively?
Will my treatment be painful?
How many treatment sessions will I need?

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