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The Wellness Center at CAPS offers a progressive,
science-based approach to health and wellness.

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The Wellness Center at CAPS offers a progressive, science-based approach to health and wellness. By incorporating functional and integrative medicine practices, we strive to search for the root cause of symptoms. We will work with you to support the normal healing mechanisms of the body to restore balance using lifestyle, nutrition, and hormone optimization.

Had a wonderful experience at The Wellness Center today. Dr. Hall and staff are absolutely terrific! Looking forward to feeling even better in the coming new year!!

I can’t believe how different I feel in less than three weeks. My skin has become smooth, I no longer take any kind of pain pills for soreness, I have tons of energy and sleep like a baby without sleeping pills. Thank you for suggesting I do this. Also, Julie is amazing with her customer service and follow up.


Our day to day life choices provide the foundation for our health and wellness. Without proper sleep, stress management, movement, and social connections we cannot function at our best. We will spend time exploring your current lifestyle habits and work with you to make sustainable changes that will allow you to feel your best.

hormone optimization

Hormones are the messengers that keep all of our body systems connected. When even one hormone is out of balance, others tend to follow suit.


nutrition and gut health

Food and water nourish and protect us. The food we eat provides directions to every cell in our body, either encouraging optimal function or directing disease progression.


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Find out about our approach, services, and costs. We’ll answer all your questions and send you an online comprehensive questionnaire. Our team will review your completed health history and wellness goals and provide you with an individualized lab order. Once your lab results have been received, we will contact you to set up your first appointment.


Your First

During this two-hour appointment, we’ll discuss your goals, the results of your tests, and come to understand you as the whole person that you are. You will leave this appointment with a foundational plan for optimizing your health and wellness.


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Wellness Journey

After your first appointment, you will begin your wellness journey with an individualized and comprehensive plan. Through close follow up and guidance from our team, you will progress toward your goals and achieve energy, strength, vibrancy, and well-being along the way.

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Still not sure which procedure is right for you? View the before & afters of hundreds of other patients who chose us for their transformation.

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