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Numetra Weight Management System

CAPS Wellness Center is proud to offer Numetra , a “state of the science” program that supports healthy weight loss and provides the resources to sustain it over time. This is not a “fad diet” but a proven program with a healthy eating plan and products that are customized to meet each person’s needs. You can feel good about choosing Numetra and making the decision to improve your health and wellbeing.

Numetra and Healthy Weight Loss

The Numetra program will take you through easy to follow phases in your weight loss journey. Your program will be personalized and include 1-1 weekly education and support sessions from an experienced coach. Positive psychology concepts and motivations are part of the program to help you appreciate your accomplishments along the way and make lasting behavior changes.

Delicious meal replacement products make weight loss simple and provide you with the structure to stay on the program. You will practice new eating and exercise habits until you reach your weight loss goals and are ready to manage and enjoy healthy meals on your own.

Numetra Weight Loss Meal Plan and Products

Numetra meal plan and food products provide essential nutrients that allow you to maintain health while safely losing weight. Developed through a comprehensive review of academic research, the Numetra weight loss meal plan includes products with ingredients that help your metabolism perform at its peak for active weight loss. Numetra foods are also delicious! They include shakes and smoothies, pudding and snack bars, soups, and hot beverages like cappuccino and hot cocoa.

Numetra foodNumetra foodNumetra food

Numetra is considered the best weight loss program for many people with type 2 diabetes. The program has a specific Diabetes Component, developed in cooperation with the International Diabetes Center. Additionally, Numetra is an effective weight loss program for the clinically obese.

If you think a medical weight loss program may be the right solution for you, schedule a consultation with our Wellness Center today!

Numetra and Healthy Weight Loss FAQs

What does my journey with Numetra look like?

Since Numetra is a personalized program to your specific goals and physical needs, the first step to get started with this effective weight loss program is to meet with one of our specialists to discuss how Numetra may work for you

Does Numetra work for both women and men?

Numetra is a medical weight loss program that works equally well for both women and men.

Is it bad to lose weight too quickly?

It can be harmful to the body to lose weight without the proper medical supervision. After first being evaluated to ensure you are a good candidate for Numetra, your diet plan for weight loss will be personalized to your body’s unique caloric and nutritional needs. When following the Numetra weight loss program, you will also have weekly weight and blood pressure checks.

What is the best diet to lose weight and keep it off?

The best weight loss programs focus on behavior changes for sustained weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

How do I get started with Numetra?

If you are interested in losing weight with Numetra, you can schedule a free consultation by calling us at 614.246.6900 . During your consultation, our staff will discuss your goals and help determine if Numetra is the right weight loss program for you.

Dr. Vasko was a pleasure to meet and made me feel very comfortable. She spent a lot of time with me explaining my problem and how she could help to fix me up! Her expertise was shown in every aspect! I truly felt that trust from the start.

Patient of Dr. Vasko

Dr. Heck is extremely courteous and professional and puts a patient at ease quickly. There was no doubt I was in very capable hands.

Patient of Dr. Heck

Financing my Numetra program

Whatever type of service you are considering, you can be sure that Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery has a financing option that is best for you. Call us at 614.246.6900 today. If you have any questions about financing at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, please visit our financing page.

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