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The #1 Thing To Make 2019 Better Than 2018

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Oh no! Another New Year’s self-improvement blog? Hang tight, we promise this one is different. Hundreds of these articles surface every December and January with the hope of inspiring people to change their lives for the better. The intentions are usually good, but why can’t we all execute on what we want most?

Popular belief wants us to think that showing strength will lead to more strength, so we neglect to show our weaknesses. We’re here to tell you the opposite. Bear your weaknesses, your burdens, your insecurities. The responses will surprise you.

Choosing elective surgery is an incredibly brave thing and it starts with vulnerability. At CAPS, we have the privilege of welcoming people into our practice and having conversations about some of the most vulnerable parts of life.

Trusted Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

We are honored to have 5 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who have been voted as among the best in their industry by both patients and physicians. You are truly in the best hands when choosing a procedure at Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

It’s the lifelong approach with each patient and the development of a relationship that sets us apart. Everyone is in different stages of their life and need different treatments as they age. Whether the focus is on prevention, maintenance, or a total body transformation, through meticulous planning, trust, and careful attention to detail, outstanding results will be achieved.

Our outward physical bodies play a significant role in our wellness and confidence, and unfortunately, that can oftentimes hold us back. CAPS exists to improve lives, and for many of our patients, that means choosing to fix something they wouldn’t be able to on their own. There is nothing wrong with people who choose plastic surgery. They’ve chosen to remove an obstacle in their life to make things a little bit easier.

Personalized Care

Every patient relationship begins with an open and honest conversation. We are here to foster a safe environment where you feel comfortable, heard, respected, and cared for.
That means each solution we develop is chosen specifically based on your comfort level and individual goals. No two procedures are ever the same. Delivering results that lead people to Look Better, Live Better, and Feel Better is what we strive for every day.

Invasive and Non-invasive Solutions to Common Problems

We understand true patient care means treating the whole person. That’s why CAPS offers both surgical and holistic healing approaches to make sure each patient is comfortable with their care plan.

We are constantly evolving to provide the most holistic treatment options for our patients. The newest branch of CAPS, The Wellness Center, is focused on providing a progressive, science-based approach to health and wellness. By incorporating functional and integrative medicine practices, we strive to search for the root cause of symptoms. We work with you to support the normal healing mechanisms of the body to restore balance using lifestyle, nutrition, and hormone optimization.

The Vulnerability Resolution

If you make a resolution this year, then perhaps decide to become more vulnerable. That manifests in many different ways, but if it involves making changes to your body, then let’s have a talk because no matter what you’re facing, we can help.

There’s so much more we’re capable of and we love seeing lives changed every day. Click here to visit our procedures page to learn more about everything we can do. You’re not alone and whatever you’re experiencing can get better. Our passion is to help people reach their full potential.