Body Contouring

Body contouring does just what the term implies: it sculpts and re-forms areas of the body to create a more appealing shape.

Explore your body enhancement options.

Body contouring is helping hundreds of thousands of women and men across the country realize their dreams of a trimmer, sleeker, more youthful appearance.

Financing Options Available

Whatever type of enhancement you are considering, you can be sure that the plastic surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery understand. Call us at 614.246.6900 today. If you have any questions about financing your cosmetic surgery procedure, please visit our financing page.


Traveling to Our Facilities

No matter where you live in Ohio, our Columbus locations are ideal for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. If you’re driving in from Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton or any other Midwest city, check out how our no charge concierge helps build your perfect stay.

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